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Thank you

Your request has been passed straight to our SmartrSurvey heroes who will send you an instruction form where you can tell us about the property, how we can access it and anything you would like us to look out for.

In the meantime, if you need to get hold of us, please use any of the contact points below:

// Copy the below lines under window.fcWidget.init inside initFreshChat function in the above snippet // To set unique user id in your system when it is available window.fcWidget.setExternalId("john.doe1987"); // To set user name window.fcWidget.user.setFirstName("John"); // To set user email window.fcWidget.user.setEmail("john.doe@gmail.com"); // To set user properties window.fcWidget.user.setProperties({ plan: "Estate", // meta property 1 status: "Active" // meta property 2 });

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